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Keeping your banking and financial information safe and secure is very important. Century Bank Direct has, and will continue to strive to maintain the highest level of online security for its customers.
You also play a key role in keeping your information protected. Please review the measures you can take to protect your account information and to help secure your Internet Banking experience.

What we do...

00The security of your personal information and your Internet Banking transactions is very important to us at Century Bank Direct. We have strict security controls to prevent unauthorized access to your account information including:

Access Controls

00We require that you create a unique Username and Password to access the Century Bank Direct Internet Banking Website. This information is then used to verify your identity before providing account access.

For your protection, Century Bank Direct includes a session time-out feature. If your Internet Banking session remains idle for a given time, your session will automatically end. This is done to protect your information if your computer is left unattended or you have not ended your Internet Banking session by logging out.

For added security, we track the number of log in attempts and disable online access after a specific number of failed attempts.

Internet Browser Requirement
00Century Bank Direct requires an Internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption technology.

This includes Microsoft® Internet Explorer 9.0 and above. To verify that your current browser supports 128-bit encryption, click the “Help” tab at the top of the browser, click “About” and you will see the encryption level of your browser. If you use an older browser, you will need to upgrade to one of the browsers listed above in order to use the Century Bank Direct Internet Banking services.

Secured Sessions
00Your Century Bank Direct Internet Banking session is protected in a secured environment through the industry standard 128-bit SSL encryption. SSL (Secured Socket Layer) technology is used during your Internet Banking session to encrypt your personal information before it leaves your computer to insure no one else can read it. This encryption helps keep your information private between the Internet Banking system and your Internet browser. You will know you are on a secured page when you see "https://:" before the web address. A lock symbol, usually in the lower right corner of your browser window will also be present. A closed lock indicates that your Century Bank Direct online session is in a “secured” environment.

00We use firewalls to block potentially destructive information from entering our computer systems and prevent unauthorized access. It is recommended that you also install firewall software on your computer as an additional barrier against hackers and viruses.

Secure Messaging
00To protect any private information you may send us, we offer a Secure Messaging Service. This service enables the secure transmission of private personal or financial information such as your Social Security Number or account number via email. Please note, you should never send this type of sensitive information to Century Bank Direct except by means of our Secure Messaging Service. In addition, we will only ask you for this kind of information using our Secure Messaging Service, never by unsecured email.

To use this service, simply email us at csr@centurybankdirect.com and request that we send you a secure message invitation. We will then reply with a secure email message invitation. By following the directions outlined in the invitation, you can safely send us any private information via our Secure Messaging Service. Do not send personal or financial information via an unsecured email connection.

What you can do...

00At Century Bank Direct, the security of your information is extremely important. While our systems are designed to keep your information confidential, you also have a significant role in keeping your information from unauthorized use.

Internet Banking Sessions
00Your Internet Banking login information provides access to your accounts. Therefore, you should keep this information confidential. Your Username should be something easily remembered, but not easily guessed by someone else. Avoid using family names, telephone numbers, or other words that would be easily known by others; and we suggest you increase the complexity of your Username by mixing letters and numbers.

Your Password is the key to unlocking your online account information. You should create a Password that is unique to you and not easily guessed by others. We suggest you never write your Password down or share it with anyone and that you change it on a regular basis (every 60 to 90 days).

At the end of each Internet Banking session, you should log out and close your browser. This will help prevent others from being able to view your Internet Banking transactions or other account information.

If you suspect any unusual account activity, you should contact us immediately by phone at 1-877-444-2259 or by email at security@centurybankdirect.com.

Adopt Best Practices Online:

  • Do not share your Internet Banking Username and Password with anyone.
  • Be aware there are “phishing” scams that forge reputable sites and are designed to entice you to provide personal or financial information for identity theft purposes. Only provide information online about your Century Bank Direct accounts via the Web site address: "https://www.centurybankdirect.com." We will never ask you for your Password in an email. You should contact us immediately if you receive any suspicious emails.
  • Change your Password regularly – every 60 to 90 days.
  • Avoid accessing your Internet Banking information at Internet or Cyber Cafes, libraries, or other public sites.
  • Never input personal or financial information on a Web site that does not display the https:// before a Web site address or a “lock” symbol in the lower right corner of the page.
  • Always end your Internet Banking sessions by logging out and then closing your browser by clicking the “x” in the upper right corner of your browser window.

Protect Your Computer
00Install firewall software on your computer to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your files and personal information. This is especially important on computers using a broadband connection (cable or DSL) since your Internet connection is on whenever your computer is on.

Run an up-to-date antivirus program on your computer on a regular and frequent basis to prevent viruses or worms from entering your computer system.

Don’t share access to your computer with strangers and disable the “File and Printer Sharing” capabilities to prevent anyone on the Internet from browsing or deleting your computer files.

Regularly check your computer manufacturer’s Web site for “patches” and “updates” to your system or browser to insure you have the latest security upgrades installed.

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